Definitely try this at home

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Definitely try this at home

Postby David 1963 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:09 pm

Anyone for beer icecream? Seriously, does anyone think they could make this? ... snack.html

The ultimate bar snack: Party-goer creates range of beer flavoured ice creams... and they can get you drunk

Frozen Pints come in seven different flavours including Brown Ale Chip
The strongest flavour is Pumpkin Ale which has an alcoholic level of 3.3%

By Steve Nolan

PUBLISHED: 15:25 GMT, 23 October 2013 | UPDATED: 04:20 GMT, 24 October 2013

It's perhaps the ultimate bar snack - but it could leave you just as hungover as the liquid refreshments on offer at your local pub.

A U.S firm has introduced a range of unique beer ice creams, and unlike your usual tub of raspberry ripple, cookie dough or vanilla, they are alcoholic.

The ice cream, called Frozen Pints, comes in seven different flavours with the strongest having an alcohol level of 3.2 per cent - the same as a low-point beer.

The new range is the brainchild of Ari Fleischer, from New York, who says that the idea was born purely out of accident.

'We were having a party and a friend brought over an ice cream maker to make homemade ice cream,' explained the 29-year-old.

'But another friend spilled a beer nearby, and I watched it happen and thought "this is a great idea!"

'I'm really passionate about craft beer, and love ice cream, so I picked it up as a hobby and started experimenting with different flavour combinations.

'We start with the beer as it is all about finding the best, most flavourful craft brews - and then build a flavour around them.'

Flavours on offer at a variety of bars and stores in and around Atlanta, Georgia, include Peach Lambic, Honey IPA, Pumpkin Ale, Brown Ale Chip, Cinnamon Expresso Stout, Vanilla Bock and Malted Milk Chocolate Stout.

The Pumkin Ale flavour is the strongest at 3.2 per cent, while Peach Lambic is the weakest.

Each 450ml tub is $6.99 (£4.33).

Although you'd have to drink a lot of the ice cream to actually get drunk, it's perhaps the only frozen snack that you might need ID to buy.

Mr Fleischer added: 'The amount of alcohol varies by flavour - it depends on the content in the beer, as well as how much beer is added to the mix.

'Our current flavours range between one per cent and 3.2 per cent but sometimes our specialty, limited release flavours come out a little higher.

'You must be of legal drinking age to purchase and consume and we believe it's the first product of its kind.

'One pint of Frozen Pints ice cream is equal to one pint of beer - so you would have to eat a lot of ice cream to get drunk!'
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Re: Definitely try this at home

Postby 2be994510 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:22 pm

Have a chocolate ice cream made with stout, should anyone be interested. Recipe is from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz
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Re: Definitely try this at home

Postby LemuelC » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:55 pm

I have to try this! Sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing David.
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